Scott Walker’s policies
are bad for Wisconsin.

Walker cut education more than any governor in the country1

His cuts to public education caused increased class sizes and teacher layoffs in Wisconsin.2 He then gave a $10,000 tax break that benefits millionaires who send their kids to expensive private schools.3

Walker repealed the Equal Pay Enforcement Act1

That made it easier for his corporate friends who donated to his campaign to pay women less than men.4

Walker is selling out Wisconsin farmers

His proposal would let foreign corporations buy up Wisconsin farmland.5

Walker opposed a plan to help students refinance student loans

Scott Walker stood in the way of a plan that would have let hundreds of thousands of Wisconsin's student loan borrowers refinance their loans at lower market rates, giving them more money in their pockets every month.6 Student loan debt is a clear and present danger to the economy, but Scott Walker has turned a blind eye and instead taken almost $5 million from the banking and financial industries.7 Mary Burke supports legislation to allow refinancing of student loan debt to provide much needed relief.8

Say NO to Walker
on November 4th

Paid for by the Greater Wisconsin Political Fund, Jane Gellman, Treasurer. Not authorized by any candidate, candidate’s agent or committee.

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